AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro 5.8

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro is a complete, simple and reliable partition software and disk manager for Windows PCs and laptops. It brings a set of powerful tools to maximize disk space use and improve overall performance of your computer.
Key features:

Change Partition Size: extend, shrink, merge, split partitions and allocate free space from one partition to another;
Easy Wizards: Extend Partition Wizard, Partition Copy Wizard, Disk Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard;
System Migration: migrate OS from an old HDD to a new SSD or HDD, supporting MBR and GPT disks;
Safe Converters: convert MBR to GPT disk and vice versa, convert dynamic disk to basic and vice versa, convert NTFS to FAT32 and vice versa, convert primary to logical partition and vice versa;
Command Line Partitioning: resize, move, create, delete and format partitions from command prompt;
Quick Partition: one-key create a same partition layout for large quantities of computers;
Windows To Go Creator: support to install Windows 10 and 8.1/8 onto a USB flash drive or a removable disk;
Make Bootable Disc: create a Windows PE bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive without installing Windows AIK

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Have ability to run off a flash drive.

make the program able to be run off a USB flash drive for field use.
pennycolorado, 28.11.2015, 07:12
0 votes Vote

have a download without corrupted files.

So tiered of getting nothing after endorcing through facebook as your files are always corrupted and I do not get the software.
barry, 28.11.2015, 11:32
0 votes Vote

Not force a prior version to be removed, 5.8 does.

BobbyA, 28.11.2015, 13:16
0 votes Vote

Be able to browse all partitions.

One thing I liked about my old partition manager was the ability to browse all partitions, including hidden ones, like the recovery and boot partitions.
Mark Oberg, 28.11.2015, 15:17
0 votes Vote

Browse partition contents for supported types

e.g. launch Windows Explorer for NTFS partition (which may have nod drive letter assigned)
Oristo Po, 28.11.2015, 23:39
0 votes Vote

see the execution of all parameters w/o rebooting

I would like to see the execution of many or all parameters without rebooting windows. For many with multiboot systems or duplicate back-ups, the potential of the execution happening on a drive other than the desired one scares many. Execute...
s, 28.11.2015, 23:43
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Include chkdsk.exe as part of bootable WinPE

If a hard drive's boot sector is damaged, the partition utility might be able to "see" a partition but still be unable to access it. Most partition utilities that include a "make bootable disc" feature do not include basic DOS-level disk...
Greg Coben, 29.11.2015, 04:01